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We're All In This Together

Oakland Spirit Orchestra LOVES the John Lee Hooker Foundation! We are so honored to be supported and nurtured by this Foundation that
celebrates education and the music of John Lee Hooker. The generous support of the JLH Foundation gave us the opportunity to create and
perform a concert series for Seniors in Oakland. We played over a
dozen concerts! Our young musicians performed with great joy and
enthusiasm and the Seniors in the audiences celebrated life and music
right along with us. Thank you so much to Zakiya and all of the
amazing people at the JLH Foundation. You really make a huge difference!

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On behalf of EYTM and the youth in EYTM, I want to graciously thank you for your donation and support of the kids in Empowering Youth Through Music (A non-profit Organization) music and mentoring program.  


The kids in the program were taken on a complete tour of NOLA.  They strolled down Bourbon Street (in the French Quarters), got a chance to see Xavier University and ate southern fried food in the local restaurants.  


Again thank you for your support and contribution.

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