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Thank you for your interest in the John Lee Hooker Foundation. Because we are now receiving hundreds of grant requests each year from around the world, we are currently only funding about 10% of the grant requests that we receive. Most grant amounts are between $500 and $1500. Creative programs from grass roots organizations working with and for underrepresented and underprivileged children and youth take precedence. The John Lee Hooker Foundation does not make grants for capital campaigns, scholarships, individual trips or tours, video, music, television or film productions, fundraising or sporting events.


The first step in your application process is to submit a one-page summary of your project to:

Please include the following:

Brief project description including geographic area

What makes your project unique


Overall operating budget (bottom line) from parent organization

Project budget

Photos/video/CD if you have them

Contact person and phone number


If your one page proposal is a project the John Lee Hooker Foundation would be interested in pursuing and evaluating more thoroughly, we will request additional information and a full application (see below). A site visit or meeting may be scheduled.


Three times each year, the John Lee Hooker Foundation Board of Directors will review final candidates for each funding cycle. The Board will select proposals for funding that most effectively address the mission of the John Lee Hooker Foundation and issues the Board has given priority.

For further information please email us at

Glenn Thomas, Executive Director or Sherry Jones, Program Manager.

Application and Proposal Information

Once you have received an authorization from our office to proceed with a full application, you will need to supply us with the following in more detail:


1. The background and purpose of the organization

    requesting funds and its programs.  


2. A description of the project or program for which

    support is requested.


3. A description of the needs addressed and the goals

    of the grant project.


4. The amount of funding you are requesting and what

     other support has been pledged or pending
     and how the funds will be used.


5. A project time line.


6. A project budget.


7. The operating budget of the parent organization.


8. A list of the Board of Directors.

9. Evaluation plan.

10. Documentation of the applicant's federal tax-exempt

11. Photos and/or video.

Reporting Requirements

Typically a one-year project will require a report at the end of the grant or in connection with a final installment payment. John Lee Hooker Foundation also reserves the right to conduct its own evaluation of any project supported by foundation funds. Photographs with releases for our use in website/video/other media are also part of the final report.

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